Hiking with your period has never been easier

Your bio breaks are now more convenient with a biodegradable and sustainable all-in-one design that addresses your hygiene needs on the trail. Stashing clean and used toiletry products in your backpack has never been easier with these four simple steps:

πŸŽ’ Stash clean toiletries in the outside pocket

🧻 Fill the inside bag with YourYuckies

πŸ”’ Zip, roll & secure the bag with the band

πŸ—‘ Dispose at a time of convenience!

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    My YourYuckies were a godsend during my recent PCT section hike! These baggies are perfect for discreetly holding used TP wipes and tampons. The seal-and-rubber-band closure kept any nasty smell nonexistent. They’ve earned a permeant spot in my backpacking kit for sure!

Disposable backpacking hygiene bag

Carry-in, Carry out with ease

🌽 Corn-based material that breaks down faster than plastic
πŸ’ͺ Thicker than a ziploc
🧻 Organize your body wipes, tampons, pads, tissues, wrappers of all sorts, and whatever else your little heart desires
πŸ’© Psst... I'm not for poop, leave the hard work for your shovel


The outdoors is for everyone

There are enough barriers keeping people from enjoying the outdoors, worrying about your period should NOT be one of them.

What the Yuck?! Still don't get it πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘€

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