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3 Plant-Based Bags

3 Plant-Based Bags

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A convenient, discreet and sustainable solution for handling your toiletry waste that supports the Carry-in, carry-out environmental goal.
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Use me for body wipes, tampons, pads, tissues, wrappers of all sorts, and whatever else your little heart desires.

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Product details

An easy to pocket, discreet biodegradable bags offering a practical storage solution for keeping YourYuckies organized and hidden during your adventure.

x3 plant-based, biodegradable bags

x3 earth friendly bands to secure

x1 toiletry stress-free adventure

How it works

STEP 1: Stash clean toiletries in the outside pocket

STEP 2: Fill the inside pocket with your yuckies

STEP 3: Zip, roll and secure with the band

STEP 4: Dispose when possible


7x9 inches

2mm thick

The perfect width to store tampons and other hygiene products horizontally. It allows for an easy roll.


Our biodegradable, plant-based bag will break down faster than the normal plastic bag. We encourage reuse of the earth friendly bands.

Check with your local landfill about compost regulations.


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